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Hunting Opportunities This Season

Hidden Hills Ranch offers a variety of hunting scenarios, from Trophy Whitetails to exotic hunts of Axis, Blackbuck, Fallow Deer and Red Stag. All hunts include experienced guides who possess a strong familiarity with the ranch and surrounding areas. All hunts can be reserved by group, exclusively, or through one of our unique weekend events.


Whitetail Hunting

If you are ready for the premiere Texas Whitetail Hunting adventure of a lifetime, then Hidden Hills Ranch is for you. Located on the edge of the Texas Hill Country, our award winning hunts provide you with a personal guide, accommodations, and home-cooked meals. Everything we do at Hidden Hills Ranch, we do with you in mind. Our well trained staff and guides spend countless hours in the field preparing for your arrival. To ensure that our bucks are a superior breed and that antler growth reaches maximum potential, their diet is monitored throughout the year and supplemented with a high protein diet. Your buck of a lifetime awaits you at Hidden Hills Ranch. Call today to book your hunt.


Texas Whitetail Deer Hunting

Hunting for whitetail deer is one of the most popular types of hunts in Texas and across the country, so we’ve put together some Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips for y’all. Traditionally, Whitetail deer season runs from sunset on February 29th through October 1st. During this period Whitetail are considered safe. While Whitetail season ended months ago for most of the country, all of the ranches I hunt have special permits issued by Texas Parks & Wildlife.


Exotic Hunting

Hidden Hills Ranch offers year-round, world-class exotic hunts as well. Axis deer, Fallow deer, Red Stag, and Blackbuck Antelope are just a sample of the variety of exotic species that roam our vast property. All hunts are fully guided and conducted from custom tower blinds or by spot and stalk. The variety of terrain and vegetation at Hidden Hills Ranch provide the perfect habitat for exotics and the perfect location for your ultimate exotic hunting experience. Its rolling hills are covered with cedar and oak, which is separated by grassy pastures making it the perfect habitat for a number of exotic game species. 

Due to the number of exotic animals in this region, hunting is permitted year-round with a state hunting license. There are a number of licensed guides in the area to help you along the way. These guides usually have permits and access to ranches and property for hunting.


Axis Hunting – A perfect Hunting Trip

Axis bucks don’t bugle like elk or roar like stags. They have a very distinct vocalization, similar to a “bark”,  and once you’ve heard it you won’t forget it.
Axis deer hunting is a very popular activity in Texas. Axis deer is an exotic animal known for its big horns and beautiful body. Aside from that, it has a very tasty meat that can create the perfect finale for your hunting trip. There are different aspects that can play very important parts in making Axis deer hunting a one-of-a-kind experience. Read on to know the factors that will help in making your Axis deer hunting trip a successful and rewarding experience. Many hunters consider fall and early winter as the primary season to hunt Axis deer. During spring they are in their rutting season in velvet, and to early fall Axis deer are with hard antlers and are abundant. 


Learn the Practices that Make a Successful Hunt:

• There are certain hunting practices that will allow you to hunt for a trophy axis deer. Listed below are some of the practices that you should know:
• Axis deer love to socialize so they can be found in a large herd.
• Axis deer bark once alarmed so hunters need to practice a good aim because one missed shot could mean losing the target totally.
• Axis deer know when danger is coming and can run at a fast speed to get away from hunters. During axis deer hunts, it is very important for hunters to move quickly but cautiously to make a shot. 
• Axis deer are sensitive to string scents. Avoid using strong-scented perfumes during axis deer hunts because it will only alert the animal in target.
• Take advantage of a place where you can have a good vision of your surroundings. Axis deer can blend with their surroundings and it can be very difficult to spot them. They are also very cautious and will usually graze a wooded area before coming into the open.

Fallow Deer

Are you a big game hunter? Or are you planning to be on a Fallow deer hunting trip?
Whether Fallow deer hunting is done out of a hobby or just to take part of the experience, it will definitely be important to know some of the basic rules to follow. If you’ve ever visualized experiencing exotic game hunts, then Texas is extraordinary for its varied species. Hidden Hills Ranch began as a deer breeding ranch, supplying many of Texas’ hunting and game ranches with whitetail. It is now a fully functioning leisure ranch where guests can enjoy hunting, outdoor sporting activities, relaxation, and more. If you have a specific animal in mind that you wanted to hunt or even if it’s a new experience, Hidden Hills Ranch is the place to be. We offer a variety of hunts from Whitetail deer to exotic hunts like Axis, Blackbuck antelope Fallow deer, Scimitar horned Oryx & Hog hunts. Exotic hunting has no “offseason,” so we are permitted to hunt year-round.

The animal that you choose to hunt plays an important factor in which type of weapon that you should use. The most popular forms of hunting are stand hunting, Spot and Stalk and Safari style, the method that is used in Africa.

A more exotic game species that we at Hidden Hills Ranch focus on include the Scimitar Horned Oryx, Blackbuck Antelope & Axis. Each species has their own limitations, hunting tactics, and behavior patterns in the season in which they are most active. Our trained staff and guides pass this information and we assist you in coming home with a trophy. For example, deer are very sensitive to all scents. Its best advised not to wear any perfume on your hunt day or a day before which includes soaps, shampoo, laundry detergent, cologne or perfume. Deer also have exceptionally great hearing sense; you have to be quiet when in the hunt zone. Even if you’re slightly interested an experience in exotic game hunting, don’t wait another second! We have some of the best locations for exotic hunts and we offer some of the most competitive prices around with as good a stay and great packages for you. Remember, our packages include meal, lodging and your own guide. 

Passionate hunters will do anything for a successful hunt and we assure you that you will enjoy this experience, and to increase the chance of you bringing home your trophy, below are some of the basic deer hunting tips that you should follow for a success:

Tips for a successful Fallow Deer Hunting

Tip #1:
Get to know them better
Before going on a hunting adventure, research and read about Fallow deer and understand their behavior and try to know more about their species, especially if you are new to the species. Get information about them and the most important guidelines that you should know.

Tip #2:
Stay Unscented
Fallow deer are very sensitive with scents and they can smell 1000 times better than us, so you should b e free of all scent. When bathing avoid using soaps, shampoo, oil and cologne one day prior to hunt day and on the day of hunt, even you cloths should be free of scents.

Tip #3:
Choose the Right Clothing
Apart from sharp nose, deer have a sharp sight. The clothes that you choose shall keep you comfortable. It is advisable to wear green or camouflage clothes and avoid wearing bright colors. Wear face mask and gloves to keep the skin hidden from view. It is also very important to wear the right shoes to be able to walk around swiftly and silently. The shoes should be lightweight and with a flexible sole.

Tip #4:
Your equipment
Your hunting gear plays a very important role during your fallow deer hunting adventure. Your choice of hunting equipment such as a rifle or bow are basic essentials but you can also rely on other useful gadgets like binoculars that will allow you to see beyond your normal view.

Behavioral patterns
The body language of a fallow deer tells a lot about him. The right time to aim and shoot should be accompanied with reading and understanding of these body languages. Deer when senses a threat near them, they stand erect with their ear up and hair along the back erected. Upon seeing this posture, you should be alerted that this means either the deer will fight or make a run for his life.


These were some of the considerations that you should be aware of during your hunting adventure and to take home a trophy harvest.

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