Tips To Take Down A Aoudad 


Tips To Take Down A Aoudad

Hunt an Aoudad in Texas

Aoudad is also called barbary sheep in Texas. It has a sandy brown color on the upper back and lighter underbelly region with thick & giant horns. It is an exotic species to hunt in Texas and was introduced during world war II. The roots of aoudad take us back to Africa where this animal is found in arid regions. Aoudad is a breed that has characteristics of both antelope & goat. Consider the option of hunting Aoudad in this hunting season to make a great start for the year.

Tips To Get A Perfect Aoudad Trophy

Habitat Matters

As they say, the hardest climb has the best view. Here your best view would be sighting an aoudad. These animals are found in steep regions around rocky areas. Spotting an aoudad in a rocky region is like finding a mirage, because they are camouflaged well with their habitat. The toughest part here is, endurance and patience to climb the rocky terrain. Bringing us to the next point of physical preparation.

Physical Training 

You need to be physically strong and mentally prepared when you have decided to hunt an aoudad. Because you need to climb on rocky areas and manage the extreme temperatures. Early morning will be extremely cold & afternoon will be windy with scorching sun. Either way you have to plan your outfit including your boots, to survive in the habitat. Stick to a location, to protect yourself from prickly plants & rocky surfaces.

Not So Costly Hunt

I have always felt that aoudad is an underrated exotic species. Believe me, aoudad hunting is cheap compared to other native species or exotic species hunting. In Texas Aoudad Hunting you get a bonus of majestic horns which you can cherish for a lifetime.

Shooting Opportunities

Focus! Focus! And just focus! You need good focus & better hunting equipment to bag this beauty. Focus is a primary requirement in any hunting, but with aoudad, one needs to be extra careful because the rocky areas can confuse you. Additionally, aoudad vanishes quickly! One moment you might have spotted it in one location, another moment it might have moved somewhere else. Literally, your eyes should track an aoudad’s movement to give you a quick shot. Aoudads have a great sense for its surroundings. So you need to have a long range rifle and maintain a distance up to 200- 400 yards. If possible carry a good ranger finder to locate the animal easily. 


Aoudad Is A True Trophy Hunt

When we talk about aoudad, all I could recollect is the efforts required to spot an aoudad, But it is all worth it for the bold, heavy & majestic horns. Once you get that trophy in your hand, it just feels wholesome. Indeed it’s the best trophy one could ask for! You can consume the meat of aoudad, it can turn tastier when cooked properly.


Don’t worry about the availability of aoudads. Aoudads are found round the year to make your hunting trip more exciting and thrilling. Explore the hunting opportunity of Aoudad with Hidden Hill Ranch, Texas 

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January 23, 2022

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