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DK with HR

Dream King


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We take pride in the type of bloodlines we keep here at Hidden Hills Ranch.¬†Over the years, we have worked with more than 300 breeders around Texas and have just about anything you are looking for (Clean Typical, Tall Brow Tines, Wide, Heavy, Monster Non-Typical, etc.). Whether it be open doe, bred doe, stocker bucks, breeder bucks or semen from our spectacular gene pool, we’ve got you covered. We have been very diligent over the years about only working with reputable breeders that not only grow Premium Whitetail, but also stand behind their deer to warranty them after delivery. We would only give you the deer that we would stock our own ranch with.






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Freeze Frame/ Gladiator II

300″+ at 4 yrs old

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Huge, clean typicals are the new market standard for having the best deer. We are home to one of the largest typical Bucks in Texas and have semen available that can take your ranch or operation to a whole new level.

Max Dream/Monarch 1

230+” at 2 years old

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