Will You Wear A Mask While Gutting | Can Animals Spread Covid To Humans?

Will You Wear A Mask While Gutting?

Precautionary Measures For Hunters While Gutting A Deer In Texas


As winter marks the season for axis deer hunting in Texas. Here are some precautionary points you must know for this season before stepping into the arena.

As we are all aware, the current pandemic situation has induced fear among the hunting community as even animals are also getting affected by SARS CoV-2, popularly known as COVID. Scientists from the University of Wisconsin have found out that even animals are turning out to be the victims of Covid. Although cases have not been reported regarding animal to human transmission. Experts express a fear of the creation of a new mutant of Covid which can potentially spread from animals to humans. But as a precautionary measure what can we do about this situation?
Although hunting ranches take good care of their animals and make sure to keep a track of their health. But hunters are also encouraged to follow good hygiene practices to avoid the spread of such diseases.

Even small practices can save you from Covid exposure.

  1. Don’t go for a sick deer, as the probability for the deer turning out positive is high.
  2. Wear a mask, hand gloves and use clean instruments to gut the animal.
  3. Ask for assistance while gutting, if you are immunocompromised
  4. Make sure to gut the animal in a clean and neat space. No eatables to be kept around. It is advisable not to utilize the head and lungs for consumption & send them to the testing center to avoid the risk.
  5. If previously any animal has tested positive in that area, then make sure to get the samples tested on priority. Testing centers specifically function to test animal samples.
  6. After gutting the animal, clean your hands with sanitizer or hand wash.
  7. If any blood has spilled on your clothes then keep them separate, spray sanitizer and wash them with detergent.

Although we all are already following a list of rules for a couple of years. These additional sets of rules are created just for our well-being. Enjoy your trophy hunting in Texas, ensuring that you follow these guidelines to keep yourself safe from Covid-19. 

January 17, 2022

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